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26th December 2016 13:22:04 Hours

66 Div Troops Support Pregnant Women

On the eve of Christmas, troops of the 66 Division, commanded by Brigadier Duminda Keppetiwalana, General Officer Commanding (GOC), launched a programme to give a special treatment to pregnant women, resident in Pooneryn area on Friday (23).

A total of 25 pregnant women, each received a pack, including baby soap, code clips, bed jackets, nappy sets, panel clothes, cologne bottles, powder, baby cream, baby rubber sheets, small water basins, large size baby picture posters, bathing clothes, mosquito nets, tea packets, etc during a brief ceremony at Sri Vigneshwara Vidyalaya, Pooneryn under the programme. Each pack was valued at Rs 3000/=.

This programme, organized by the 66 Division was intended to provide community assistance and promote reconciliation among all communities. It was also aimed at reducing child mortality rates among pregnant women of low-income groups in the area and facilitating them for a smooth child-birth.

Brigadier Duminda Keppetiwalana, General Officer Commanding (GOC), 66 Division attended the distribution ceremony as the Chief Guest, together with Mr S Krishnendran, Divisional Secretary for Pooneryn.

Dr Robinson of the Pooneryn Hospital before the distribution educated those pregnant women on child-birth prior to admission to hospital and post delivery period.

At the end of the event, the Chief Guest shared his views with the participants.

Senior Officers from the 66 Division, religious leaders, medical and maternity field staff members at Pooneryn and Veravil Hospitals, state officials and a large gathering of civilians attended the event.