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23rd December 2016 18:02:28 Hours

East Commander Visits 6 (V) SLAGSC Hqrs

Major General Darshana Hettiarrachchi, Commander, Security Forces - East (SF-E) after assumption of duties in his new appointment made a formal visit to the 6 (V) Sri Lanka Army General Service Corps (SLAGSC) Headquarters in Kandakadu in Kantale area on Monday (19).

On arrival at the 6 (V) SLAGSC Headquarters premises, he was greeted to a Guard Turnout in accordance with military formalities after a warm welcome was extended by the Commanding Officer.

Afterwards, all the officers of the battalion were introduced to the visiting SF-E Commander, and briefing of the Commanding Officer followed. He spoke to the troops serving in the 6 (V) SLAGSC Headquarters and spelt out his programme of work before he shared views with the troops.

After the camp visit, the visiting SF-E Commander also attended an all rank tea party inside the premises.