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The Signal Brigade was established on 15th June 1988 as per the Army Routine Order ARO 28/88 as an independent institution within the Army Headquarters premises. Due to the rapid expansion of the Sri Lanka Army, Signal Brigade was separated and the Headquarters Chief Signal Officer was established as a separate entity on 12 March 2007 under the Army Order ARO 44/2007. The Signal Brigade addresses the existing communication and its issues within the Army that ensure the proper functioning of communication from the Army Headquarters down to the level of Battalions Headquarters and for independent installations of the Army. Presently, the Signal Brigade is located at the Army Cantonment in Panagoda.

Chief Signal Officer/Commanders of Signal Brigade

Name From To
Brigadier CJ Abeyratne VSC USP 15.07.1988 01.04.1991
Brigadier FCJ De Silva 02.04.1991 15.10.1991
Brigadier CJ Abeyratne VSV USP 16.10.1991 01.05.1992
Colonel KA Gnanaweera USP (Officiating) 02.05.1992 27.06.1993
Colonel HGN Padmasiri USP (Officiating) 28.06.1993 01.12.1993
Brigadier AMCWB Seneviratne USP ndc psc 02.12.1993 01.05.1994
Colonel HGN Padmasiri USP (Officiating) 02.05.1994 01.09.1994
Brigadier HGN Padmasiri USP (Officiating) 02.09.1994 20.10.1996
Colonel MA Wipulaguna (Officiating) 21.10.1996 11.12.1996
Colonel WDN Premasiri (Officiating) 12.12.1996 05.06.1997
Brigadier WDN Premasiri 06.06.1997 20.02.1999
Colonel YSA de Silva USP psc (Officiating) 21.02.1999 24.02.1999
Brigadier YSA de Silva USP psc 25.02.1999 12.03.2003
Colonel EP de Z Abeysekera USP (Officiating) 13.03.2003 21.08.2003
Brigadier YSA de Silva USP psc 22.08.2003 14.05.2004
Brigadier EP de Z Abeysekera USP 29.07.2004 26.12.2005
Brigadier TF Meedin RSP Ldmc 27.12.2005 12.03.2007

Commanders of Signal Brigade

Name From To
Brigadier TF Meedin RSP Ldmc 12.03.2007 03.08.2008
Colonel KRP Rowel RWP USP psc (Officiating) 04.08.2008 29.07.2009
Brigadier KRP Rowel RWP USP psc 30.07.2009 29.07.2011
Colonel NM Hettiarchchi psc (Officiating) 30.07.2011 27.04.2012
Brigadier NM Hettiarachchi psc 28.04.2012 13-02-2014
Brigadier DAPN Dematanpitiya psc 13-02-2014 15-03-2015
Brigadier H P Senevirathna USP 16-03-2015 up To date